LANKom Elelectronics Co., Ltd.
Lane 345, Yang Guang Street,
Neihu, Taipei 114, Taiwan R.O.C
Phone: (886)-2-6606-9777/(886)-2-2627-2222

  The Company introduction
■LANKom Electronic Co., Ltd.(LANKom (Zhuhai) Technologies Ltd.) was established in March 1995, with the principal activities including the development , design , manufacture and distribution of electromagnetic components like Pulse Transformer , Filter , Common Mode Choke…… for Local Area Network Transmission Equipment.

■Our sales volumes expand rapidly with the greatly expanding market demand in electromagnetic components and in October 2003, we completed the construction of our own manufacturing plant at Qinshi Industry District, SanZao Town, Zhuhai City, Guang Dong, China.

■After being in the industry for nine years, our customers base have expand to not only include manufacturer of LAN transmission equipment and Telecommunication equipment manufacturer for WLAN,ADSL,Cable Modem but also Mother Board manufacturers, Note Book and Computer makers .

■To enhance our competitiveness in the industry and to combat the keen market and price competition, we continued to research and invent new products such as Integrated RJ45 Connector with Transformer modules.